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B'tox Anti-Wrinkle

Forehead lines, frown lines and crows feet are a common concern for lots of people. The repeated movement of our facial muscles over time cause the skin to crease constantly in the same places. This is how these facial lines appear and as we get older they become deeper and more noticeable.

Fortunately, there is a very effective treatment available. We can relax the muscle movement with Botulinum Toxin injections. Once this movement is restricted, the skin can no longer crease and the lines begin to fade.

A consultation is required and treatment is subject to client suitability.

B'tox Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Pre & Post Care


  • No Alchohol 24 hours prior

  • No Sunbeds 24 hours prior

  • No Harsh Skincare 24 hours prior

  • Where safe to do so No blood thinning medications or aspirin


  • No Lying down for minimum of 4 hours

  • Nothing on the area for 24 hours including makeup!

  • No saunas, gym / steam rooms min 24 hours

  • No sunbeds for 1 week

  • No other aesthetic treatments or Microblading for 2 weeks

  • Wait 2 weeks for results

We advise 3 areas to most clients, due to other muscles trying to over compensate if not treated, also for best results. Many people do not realise all 3 muscle groups in the upper face can contribute to the wrinkles seen, therefore may have unrealistic expectations of just having one area.

A medical consultation will be done in order to obtain a prescription for each client.

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